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Stowarzyszenie Music Everywhere, created mainly by the members of the Music Everywhere Choir, is a platform for exchanging ideas and initiatives, as well as sharing experience while working together. Out of passion and love

for singing, music and entertainment, we have created a structure that allows the formal implementation of various cultural projects.


  1. shaping, disseminating and raising the level of music culture in society,

  2. popularizing music,

  3. promoting the work of Polish composers,

  4. promoting music performers,

  5. promoting knowledge about music and awakening a love of music,

  6. acting to integrate the local society and popularize music culture in society,

  7. activities for the benefit of European integration and development of contacts
    and cooperation between societies by promoting Polish achievements in the field of music and culture.



  1. organizing cultural, artistic, educational and scientific events and undertakings in Poland and abroad,

  2. organizing concerts, workshops, festivals, competitions, reviewsand music conventions,

  3. funding awards and scholarships for outstanding musicians and music bands,

  4. financing the participation of musical bands in concerts, workshops, festivals, competitions, reviews and conventions,

  5. financing of the day-to-day activities of music bands,

  6. propagation, information, publishing and educational activitiesthe field of music,

  7. supporting the activities of other people and institutions consistent with the objectives of the Association,

  8. participation in educational and upbringing initiatives,in particular in the field of cultural and music education,

  9. cooperation with authorities, state administration and local government as well as non-governmental organizations, as well as foreign institutions.


Klaudia Borkowska - President

Łukasz Ołtuszewski - Vce President

Mateusz Gołębiewski - Treasurer

Leszek Puczydłowski - Member


Bartosz Julkowski - Chairman

Marek Makarewicz - Member

Marcin Zadroga - Member



Members of the Association pay statutory membership fees  to the account:

10 1140 2004 0000 3502 8080 9215

with the back: Membership fee


Music Everywhere Association

ul. Heweliusza 11/811

80-890 Gdańsk

NIP: 5833163728

REGON: 222004546

KRS: 0000490100

Association's statute

Music Everwywhere


We cordially invite you to support the works of the Association through voluntary donations that can be paid to the account:

10 1140 2004 0000 3502 8080 9215

with the title: Donation for statutory purposes

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